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Add them onto your backpack, denim jacket, hat, or your wherever your heart desires!

Iron-on backing for easy application

If applying a patch to a thicker fabric, try adding stitching around its edges for a little extra reinforcement

To iron on patch lay clean, dry fabric or material down on a flat surface (on top of an ironing board or even lay a towel over a table). Lay heated iron directly over patch. hold over patch for 10-15 seconds and move away. Do a once over on the edges to ensure patch is evenly ironed. Let recently ironed patch sit until cooled. Make sure patch is evenly ironed on. Enjoy and wear!

Cleaning: If you've ironed on a patch to denim or cotton jacket -- when caring for your jacket, wash on a cold setting and air dry. ** Depending on the fabric you've placed the patch on, fibers could shrink with hot water and/dryers which could lead to warping the patch. To be safe, you could also dry clean the item with the patch.

Product Impact: For every patch sold, 5 trees are planted.

Patch size: 3.75” wide x 3” tall