About the blanket:

This blanket does good, in so many different ways! The purchases of them help to build strong communities in poor areas, give families fair and stable work, helps the planet + gives an animal in need a chance to live a life filled with love. 


Recycled U.S. Apparel is collected + ground up into fibers. Then, those fibers are sent to Mexico to be threaded + woven into blankets.


Our Mexican Falsa Blankets are made by individuals in a town called Tlaxcala in Southern Mexico. Most who weave these blankets are farmers by trade. These blankets serve as additional income for families and encourages strong communities. From the income made from these blankets alone, they have been able to build a school + community centers in their village.


The recycled U.S. apparel fibers are given to artisans each week. They weave what they desire, during the week and then get paid by weight + the labor they put forth. In addition to already being paid double the minimum wage. Purchasing these blankets and giving the artisans work, ensures their important transition of weaving, is kept alive. Fair pay creates stable jobs. This enables families to stay together, when members don't have to go else where for better opportunity. 


Blankets are a synonymous with warmth, shelter + comfort. Sadly, each day about 9,000 animals are euthanized due to over crowded shelters and lack of funding. Our blankets give a percentage to an organization working to end animals having to die for the reasons above. They believe every animal should have a home where they are well taken care of, and we do too! When you purchase one of our blankets, you're helping save animals lives + giving them a second chance.