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Sustainably made from 100% recycled U.S. apparel and woven by artisans in Southern Mexico. These blankets are so versatile! They are large, sturdy and warm — making the perfect accessory for your outdoor adventures. But they also work just as well indoors! They can serve as a great pop of color, texture and function for your bed or couch. These blankets are ideal for any situation — whether your camping, road tripping, hiking, heading to the beach, picnicking or just lounging at home. Americans toss about 11 million tons of textile waste into landfill each year. Our blankets are one small way we are redirecting discarded garments from ending up in landfills (where they do not biodegrade). Since these blankets are made up of completely recycled post-consumer apparel, we are able to give a second life to what would otherwise just be considered ‘trash’.

With each purchase of the Canyon Blanket, we donate 10% to the Alzheimer’s Association.

COLOR: White, Black, rust, brown (*** Due to the hand dying process, tones in colors may vary being slightly lighter or slightly darker than the pictures examples)

FABRIC: Since these blankets are uniquely made from only recycled apparel, it's impossible to say for certain the percentage of each fabric. They are mostly made of cotton but also may contain acrylic, polyester + wool.

Dimensions: 79” x 54"

CARING FOR YOUR BLANKET: A garments environmental footprint doesn’t stop at production and distribution. It continues on even after we purchase it. For all our items we suggest washing with cold water and air drying when at all possible. Try going Dryer-free! If you do need to use the dyer however, please use a low setting. Since our blankets are made from a variety of recycled fabrics, doing so will keep the integrity of the fibers strong longer, so you can enjoy our blanket for years to come!

*** Please note: Because these blankets are hand woven and hand dyed and don’t use any machines in these processes involved in making these blankets, there might be a slight variation in appearance with some of the blankets. (In color and size) That's just part of the charm + individuality that comes with having a handmade blanket!