Exciting Things Happening at Wakened Apparel

Wakened Apparel to us had always been a dream. My wife, Cassidy, and I would sit at coffee shops scribbling ideas of designs and how we wanted to use our business to make a difference in to world. We wanted to give back to organizations doing life-saving work but also create items that caused no harm. That's where we dove into our research on how things are made. Some of the most widely known brands cause the most harm and we knew we wanted to follow a different path. We knew that cheap items shipped in, came with not only a cheap price tag but a life time of suffering for the person that made it. That to us had to stop. Fair Trade became our focus with goods if they came from any other countries and we chose hand-crafted American made goods as well. Our goal was to build a company thats main objective was to do good from the smallest material to final product. 

We took a dream and risked a lot to make it a reality and with the support of our amazing community we have done just that. Together we have donated thousands of dollars to charities local and globally. We have worked with fair trade artisans, providing opportunities for them and their family and created opportunity here in the USA as well. We have been so blessed by the support and response by our community and we know the best is yet to come.

For the past few months we have been sheltering-in-place and thinking of the next step for Wakened Apparel. Again, we've spent much time dreaming, designing and creating new products. We have been working on new items but not just apparel and blankets. We are thrilled to be fulfilling yet another dream we had of getting into home goods and items you can enjoy outdoors. The purpose of each item hasn't changed -- to do good instead of harm.

There are still products being developed and made but we have launched a few new products to get the ball rolling. Items for your home like hand-crafted charcuterie boards and retro wooded long boards all made locally here in California. We also have launched hand-made ceramic bowls made in the USA (more to come on that!). As well as hand painted original art for your home, to personalize your space with. There is more to come and we are working with artisans to bring you items you'll love and feel good about knowing they have done nothing but good. We are excited to unveil the awesome changes happening and soon to come. Thank you for your support and for being an amazing community. 

Our hand crafted boards made for your local adventure can be found here: Wakened Boards

Our hand made Wakened home products with more to come can be found here: Wakened Home


Custom paintings can be found here: Custom Art Pieces

We are excited to bring these items to our site and we are working on much more. Stay update by subscribing to wakenedapparel.org